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  1. Hi Anika, I read your article, ‘The sobering reality of the feminist agenda hits #DrunkGirl.’ In the comments on AVFM there was mention of taking up a collection for her to help with the medical bills / send a care basket. Was wondering if you know if that has been set up or if one could be.




    • Hello πŸ™‚ I need to do a proper response to AVFM followers in regard to this. I have spoken with Jeniffo and she is not comfortable with accepting money for her story. Although she is extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the generous offer, she has declined accepting money from people for her story.

      Thank you so much though. We are both very blessed to have people so supportive and kind around us

      Anika Rose xx


  2. I don’t think anyone was offering her money, ‘for her story.’ It sounds a insulting when put like that. I think people are offering to donate money because they feel bad that she was used in that way for that purpose. Oh well, no worries.


    • I did explain it to her and she is a very noble woman, she already felt bad enough about the situation and the idea of taking donations felt wrong to her. I didn’t mean it in an insulting way and she didn’t take it like that either. The kindness offered and shown compared to that of what you would have seen to a man in the situation just shows the difference in the MHRM & feminism. I for one am very proud and fortunate to have found a group of such amazing people.
      Sorry I worded that in a way that didn’t sound right – I definitely didn’t mean it in a bad way at all.


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